08-09 April
Arrival of Kimika team: EIC, Field Editors and Staff
Planning for 2013-2018

  1. New EIC
  2. Indexing (Scopus, ISI, etc)
  3. Journal Work Flow
  4. Soliciting Manuscripts
  5. Yearly Writing Workshops

10 April

Day 1 Workshop – 3:30-6PM Silliman University Library American Studies Resource Center (ASRC)

  1. Introduction of participants
  2. Introduction of Kimika EB
  3. Submissions accepted by Kimika
  4. Manuscript qualities accepted by Kimika
  5. Author guidelines
  6. Assignment of Authors to Field Editors (as mentors)
  7. Separate Run Through of manuscripts
  8. Critiquing of Manuscripts
  9. Revisions of Manuscripts
  10. EB evaluation of Day 1 (informally during Banquet)

* EIC, Field Editors and Workshop Participants to attend PCC Opening Ceremonies in the morning

11 April
Day 2 Workshop – at agreed upon time between authors and Field Editors

  1. Critiquing of Manuscripts
  2. Revisions of Manuscripts
  3. EB Evaluation of Day 2 (dinner meeting)

* EIC and Field Editors to attend sessions and search for research work suitable for Kimika in the morning and afternoon.  Workshop participants can attend the PCC sessions too especially if the sessions can help them improve the papers.

12 April
Day 3 Workshop – 1:30-5PM Silliman University Library American Studies Resource Center (ASRC)

  1. Presentation of Revised Manuscripts
  2. Submission of Manuscripts
  3. Further Revisions for those who do not pass the bar
  4. Closing
  5. EB Evaluation of Workshop (dinner meeting)

Full Support: PCC Registration, Air/Boat Transportation and Accommodations

  1. Lavilla, Charlie
  2. Lagua, Faith Marie G.
  3. Labastilla, Evelyn M.
  4. Cabugos-Flores, Annabelle
  5. Reyes, Ronald L.
  6. Ramal, Allan A.
  7. Junio, Melanie O.
  8. Tabunag, Jenny Syl D.
  9. Yanza, Elliard Roswell
  10. dela Rosa, Francis M.
  11. Castillo, Leah
  12. Abrea, Anthony

Partial Support: Accommodations only

  1. Medrano, Irma G.
  2. Quimque, Mark Trista J
  3. Villegas, Lora Mae G.
  4. Yachob-Saddalani, Sheeva

Accepted but with no support

  1. Malaluan, Lloyd Arvin
  2. Apodaca, Dahlia C.
  3. Cabanilla, Carl Vincent
  4. Espineli, Dinah L.
  5. Vales, Temmy P.
  6. Garcia, Karleen I.
  7. Burnea, Francis Kirby
  8. Landiao, Mary Ann A.
  9. Adarna, Leonila N.
  10. Villate, Charlie
  11. Sy, Jennifer
  12. Moncada, Mary Joy

The funding for this project will be coming from the Commission on Higher Education. We are grateful to Silliman University for the use of its Library, as workshop venue.