1. Enchance your knowledge by receiving free copies of the scientific journal KIMIKA twice a year.
  2. Get discounts in your registration fees for the yearly Philippine Chemistry Congress, KKP-symposia and seminars.
  3. Be constantly updated in your area of expertise by joining specific KKP Divisions.
  4. Network with professionals by establishing important ties with your peers, colleagues, and potential employers through our network of members, via our web site and electronic discussion groups.
  5. Make an impact through our involvement in the country's policy and decision-making regarding science and technology, the environment and other important issues.
  6. Make a contribution through your suport of our programs like the Philippine Chemistry National Olympiad.

Requirements (Regular Membership)

  1. licensed Chemists;
  2. holders of a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with one year of work experience in Chemistry;
  3. holders of graduate degree in the allied sciences with two years of work experience in a chemistry related field;
  4. holders of graduate (M.S. and Ph.D.) degrees in allied sciences provided their research is related to Chemistry.


KKP Regular Member:
1-Year Membership: PHP 300
3-Year Membership: PHP 700

Division Membership (e.g. Division of Analytical Sciences (DAS)):
Annual Membership: PHP 150

Life Time Membership will be discontinued.  Those who are currently Life Time members will continue to be recognized as such.  We would like to update our Life Time membership Database.  We will be posting this in the Philippine Federation of Chemistry Societies (PFCS)/KKP websites and PFCS Facebook page.  If you are not part of the list, kindly show proof of Life Time Membership.

Note: Only those with updated membership accounts by 14 April 2015 shall be eligible for discounts in the coming Philippine Chemistry Congress (15-17 April 2015).  Kindly bring your official receipts or bank slips to show proof of payment of membership.

To join or renew your membership: download KKP Membership Form.

Click here to view the list of KKP Lifetime Members.